Drywalls are designed to be sturdy and durable, but this doesn’t mean they will last forever. Your drywall can also get cracks and holes that need immediate attention. A smooth and crack-free drywall increases the lifespan of your house, reduces additional damages, and strengthens its structural integrity. However, there are many mistakes people make while repairing or replacing their drywalls. To break the common assumption, repairing drywall isn’t an easy DIY task, and you may need to call a drywall repair service in Woodbridge, VA, to avoid the following blunders.

Excessive Sanding

The number one mistake you can make is to over sand the edges and joints of the drywall to get a smooth finishing. This job is undoubtedly tricky because you often forget when to stop sanding and end up damaging the drywall. An over sanded drywall can be tough to install because you’ll have to re-tape the seams. Try to d the sanding with fine-grit sandpaper. Complete one round and then apply a second layer of mud and repeat. If you feel the drywall is over sanded, you can re-apply the joint compound.  

Not Covering The Floor And Furniture

Whether you are repairing holes in the drywall, replacing it, or installing a new one, it gets pretty messy. Not covering the surroundings, including the furniture, floors, and other valuable stuff, will increase the chances of damage. The dust and debris will transfer everywhere, so it is better to cover the entire area with plastic. Doing so will save you from cleaning after such a hectic task. 

Too Much Material

Excess of everything is bad, and the fact seems true when you are working with drywall. In fact, less is more because thin layered drywall is more durable. Not only that, cracks and holes are easy to identify on drywall where no extra material is used. If you apply layers of mud and seam taping on the drywall, the next steps will get trickier and time-consuming. To avoid ending up with thick and unappealing drywall, try to avoid using too much material to cover it. 

Nailing Instead Of Screws 

If it is your first time dealing with drywall, you may have no idea what to use for hanging them. Most amateur DIYers use nails instead of screws that are pretty dangerous because the drywall will sag from the sides and crash on the floor sooner or later. If not, the drywall will get nail pops. It is recommended that to use screws for a smooth finishing and long-lasting drywall. 

Hanging The Drywall Alone 

This is something you should do first when you know you have zero know-how about drywalls. Not knowing when to call a professional and trying to take the job in your hands is also one of the major mistakes you can easily avoid by searching for a nearby home improvement company that offers reliable drywall services. A professional team can handle such tasks more efficiently and responsibly.

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