Your kitchen cabinets play a vital role in the functionality and aesthetics of your cooking area. It contains and even showcases the collection of beautiful cutlery and spices that you have. Cabinets also store a lot of other utensils to make your kitchen space look cleaner and more organized. Like any other thing, your cabinets also need your care and timely maintenance. If you want your kitchen to look at its best, and stay functional for all the activities, consider refinishing them. If you are not a DIYer, make sure to call a cabinet refinishing service to deal with the project. Otherwise, here are some tips from the experts for refinishing your cabinets.

The Right Time For Cabinet Refinishing

The right time for refinishing your cabinet is as soon as you do a detailed assessment and find out the structure weakening, the paint cracking, or the hardware peeling from multiple areas. If you live in an area with more moisture and humidity, mold growth in cabinets is inevitable. Wooden cabinets are more vulnerable to moisture damage. So, if you want to keep your cabinets functional without spending all your salary on them, go for refacing them.

Plan It Out Beforehand

The next step is to plan it all in your mind. Do not start abruptly without deciding the results of the project. Check for ideas and designs online and select the one you can easily recreate on your cabinets. Understand that the project will be time-consuming and tiring, so if you are not someone who can remain consistent, consider calling the experts such as All Nation Drywall Woodbridge, VA. They are really good at transforming old and dull cabinets to look like new.

Preparing It A Must

Before starting up with the project, prepare for it. Prepping the cabinets beforehand will really pay you back in the form of smooth and shiny finishing. Empty all the cabinets from the cutlery, utensils, and any other items you have in there. Remove the doors of the cabinets, cover the backsplash, and wrap plastic sheets around the appliances so that they stay clean. Use medium sandpaper or sand grit to sand the maximum amount of dust and warping from the surface for optimal results.

Consider Replacing The Hardware

To transform the look of your kitchen, you may need to replace some of the worn-out parts of your cabinets, such as the cabinet glass, hinges, or even the wooden sheets. Make sure you inspect all these parts before jumping onto the painting step. Refinishing your cabinets will not give you the expected results if you don’t replace the damaged parts.

Mix And Match To Create Beautiful Results

Bring out your inner creativity by creating your design, choosing the design and finishes by yourself, and adding unique hardware for your cabinets. You can try out wooden knobs or hinges with brass finishing. You can also use metal hinges to make the cabinets look more contemporary. You can also choose between a matte and glossy finishing for the overall look. However, don’t forget to use varnish even if you are going for a matte finish.

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