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Annandale, VA.

Annandale is one of the medium sized locations known for its great landscaping properties. This area is known for parks, restaurants and coffee shops. It is located in Fairfax County. It is a location that comprises more than ten thousand residents and less than 50 thousands citizens there. It is considered the sublime city in Virginia.  Almost 80 pc of residents in this area are U.S Citizens having the aesthetic taste and they showcase their art by maintaining the outlook of their home. This area has 26,119 housing units. This place attracts many tourists from different counties for its great hospitality. This locality has been known for its attraction and beautiful landscape.

annandale, va

springfield va

Springfield VA

Springfield VA is a place known for recreational activities. When you want to get entertained with the full spark of excitement then, this place is among the top locations.  For summers this place will do wonders and provide you a good ambience for the stay. For picnic points, your family and loved ones will cherish lake areas and hike trails. For community purposes this place can make you feel special. The beauty of this place brings many prosperous businessmen to this location. Whenever it comes to homes and outside places it is the place that is very admirable. You can relish on this location as this provides a complete contentment. On the Orange and Alexandria RailRoad it is a renowned business center. Many families hail to this area for its nature-oriented outlook and bunch of entertainment the area proffers,

Fort Hunt VA

It is the area that is a significant peripheral part of Fairfax County it has the residents who depict a rural feel. Majority of the people living here are referred to as conservatives. This is the locality that is known for the top of the line schools it has. The locality is named after General Henry Fort It has high trail loops that are meant for the entertainment purposes. 1.3 M.I Fort Hunt VA Park is popular for the dynamic sceneries it has to proffer. The population of residents living here is about 17 thousand this area dates back to have proper acknowledgement as the suburb of the Virginia area. The city is also known for the beautiful parks that has many trails to offer. 92 pc of people residing here own their place of residents while only 8 percent are tenants. 

Fort Hunt VA
Montclair va

Montclair VA

Montclair, VA is a neighborhood in Virginia that is similar to Dumfries, VA. It is the county known for its special importance in Prince William County. The population residing in this area is around 10 thousand and five hundred people. This locality eases access to the interstate highways.  This area is famous for its appealing Lake Montclair that actually does not possess any fish but it’s known for its fascinating beauty. From a rural feel to the urban feel this area has all the specialties to make your day cherished. The people who reside here possess mild and moderate political point of view. The schools here are not much top-rated but counted above average for the beautiful mesmerizing buildings they have.

Hybla Valley, VA

It is the locality that is also located in the illustrious Fairfax County the most famous Hollin hall plantation makes this place stand out. The Hollin Hills subdivision has approximately 17 thousands residents. It is the city bordered to Fort Hunt from the eastern side. The most known part of this area comprises streams, forests and parks. Paul Springs Valley Park is something that sets to meet the eastern edge of all the communities comprising these inhabitants. There are increased rates when it comes to living costs and households are also expensive in this locality. The income on median is generally considered average and crime rate here is less as compared to the other cities of this county.

Hybla Valley va
Groventon va

Groveton VA

It is a slight place referred to as being among the places that are known to be the best for living. This place gives you mixed vibes of an urban setting. This city is a part of Fairfax County mostly known for the coffee shops and the parks it possesses. The inhabitants of this place tend to have a liberal mindset and ideology.  From a family setting to aspiring young professionals love to reside here. The public schools here are beyond average for their classy building structure and quality of education.  The percentage of property ownership is quite different from the other cities of this county.  44 pc of the people residing here are among the tenants while 56 pc of the population respectively own the property they reside in. Up to 17 thousand people are living here in this urban and suburban setting. It is undoubtedly the best place to reside in.

Franconia, VA

Franconia VA is one of the high density populated suburban areas located adjacent to Alexandria, VA It falls under the County Fairfax, VA It is regarded as the most immaculate place to live in Virginia. With the suburban feel most of the residents here own their home. The schools located in the area and peripheries are top-rated for their luxurious monoments and the excellent quality education. This is the area  that provides a great ambience to live in. The mesmerizing area is on the northern side of Fort Belvoir, the US Army facility. People living in this pristine location tend to have the liberal views.  This is the locality known for its buildings and  the modern contemporary luxurious environment and a better place to live. This is the best place that you can visit for business purposes.

Burke, VA

Burke, VA

When you want to cherish your moments in a location worth-visiting then Burke, VA is the locality that has got the best scenes for you. Whether you are a single parent or a young professional this locality has a lot to offer. This a place where upto 45 thousand people are residents and the best part about this place is that most of the people own their housing units.  It is a non-incorporated locality in Fairfax County. Schools in this area are best as this area provides the best atmosphere and they are high rated. The area Burke, VA has the most pristine location environment there are many parks in this area. The parks are the best amusement places.  You can reside  in this place as the people. The most famous part of this area is Burke lake park.